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EoL boots

February 2016



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Franco smile

something different: the drunk postman, a snippet.

This likely isn't any good, and anyway, it is meant to be funnier when all is said and done. Well, darkly comedic. Point being, I am reading The Handmaid's Tale for the continuing education course I am taking via Queen's online distance education program, but this will not be at all like that book or a dystopic vision of any sort, though I can see where I have obviously been inspired just a little, and also I should be in bed. Truest of true facts: when you start spouting run-on sentences, and you are not Jack Kerouac - and you can't be, can you, 'cause he's dead, the love - you should probably be in bed.

The postman came courting on a Wednesday. She'd cracked the door open her minimum permissible amount for mail delivery, after peeking through and seeing his crumpled blue uniform with the winged envelope logo. Sometimes she received lavender from a company in Saskatoon, or her aunt sent her a care package, and inter-provincial transport of herbs, well, you had to sign something for that business. Who knew what you were up to, when, where, and why. Only this time there wasn't a clipboard or an electronic signature pad with a stylus. Instead, there was a trembling hand and a magnolia, proffered. It was just beginning to open, the flower, and the stamen were barely visible, but they, too, were trembling.
"It's from your neighbour's tree,” he admitted, "But they won't miss it. There are so many now that it's May. It will look pretty in your hair."
It was a betrayal, this deviation from the normal scheme of things. She slammed the door and locked it. Her heart played a drum solo in her ears. When his clunky black boot steps sounded on her front path, she let her eyes peer past the crepe curtains and out the window. The sidewalk achieved, he put his chin up and carried on along his route. She found a mirror and bobby pin and fastened the flower in the brown sweep of hair behind her left ear. The postman came courting on a Wednesday, when the magnolias were in bloom.

to be continued?