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EoL boots

February 2016



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hockey is <3

more than friends: a point form love letter to Toronto

Dear Toronto,
It would seem I've been harbouring something of a crush on you for some time and am only now realizing it. Our moments together are so fleeting, you see, and I've always thought of you as unattainable, but, well, there it is.

High notes and observations, in no particular rhythm:
1. The mulligatawny soup and chana masala at Aroma. I briefly considered kidnapping the chef and bringing him home to Windsor.

2. The Lucy martini at Hey Lucy. It had surprise gummy bears! What a cute place, too, even given the decorator's apparent affinity for zebra stripes.

3. Have you ever noticed? (Please know I mean this in the best possible way. I love Sam the Eagle, and Dion Phaneuf has completely won me over. My heart fluttered a little when I heard what he said about the support from the fans during his "first star" interview after the game.)

4. The World's Biggest Bookstore. I want to live in its poetry section. I want to live there!

5. The electric hum outside the ACC following a Leafs' win. I recall a discarded three quarters full wine glass on the sidewalk, a couple kissing with abandon on the steps of Solaris jewellers, an ecstatic fellow shouting "TWO POINTS!" over and over and over, the harmonica-playing homeless man who changes the lyrics to his songs according to the outcome of the games. Oh city, what have you done to me.

6. Extra special shout-out to the Hotel Victoria and its restaurant, Over Easy. I dig the sparkly chandeliers in the lobby and the modern black and white decor, and the folks at Over Easy make an excellent cup of coffee and dish out a wide range of healthy options for breakfast. I LOVE the "Healthy Light". Fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, honey.. yum!

7. Look who took the train back with me.


I love toronto. I miss it in the summer, stupid heat and all.
I want to go back and spend more than a day and a half there, just wandering around. ♥
Now I am home sick :) I lived living there in my twenties. However, it's not the greatest place to raise a family :(, what with 800k tiny houses with slabs for yards.
Yeah, it is a great city, but it is definitely a single person's city, and I could never deal with the commute from the boroughs.
I didn't know the world's biggest bookstore was in T.O. How awesome!

The gummy bear martini sounds lovely.
Hee, it really is awesome. I could spend hours just wandering around in there.

Surprise gummy bears are always welcome. :)